Ready-Ride increases autonomy in riders with deafblindness

Riding is Sweden’s largest handicap sport. However, in order for deafblind persons to be able to ride, the rider instructor is required to communicate with the rider via a signature player who may run next to the horse and draw in the rider’s hand. This means that the rider must interrupt the riding at short intervals to get commands and feedback.
Ready-Ride is a tactile aid that can provide a rider with severe visual impairment a / hearing loss, deafblindness or limiting linguistic ability, the opportunity to practice physical activities along with a coach / companion who can provide instructions in the form of tactile vibration remotely. It consists of a transmitter unit and a receiver device, which communicate via Bluetooth. The transmitter has 4 buttons which control the corresponding vibrator you who are connected with wires to the receiver unit.
With Ready-Ride, the rider with deafblindness becomes more independent and the whole process of riding becomes easier and less resource-intensive. In addition, the rider gets more out of his riding because feedback is ongoing while riding.





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